How our story began… 

Many years ago Jim began hunting with his father. He enjoyed his time in the woods so much that he purchased equipment and began to reload ammunition to feel more involved in his hunting experiences. He would research firearms which caught his attention and travel to gun shows and small shops throughout Pennsylvania to find what he was looking for. In doing this he created quite a collection which he would occasionally sell in order to purchase another. He also enjoyed target and clay bird shooting with his family and friends; they would look to him for advice and guidance when they wanted to make a purchase.

Throughout this time Jim had a dream of opening his own shop and sharing his vast knowledge with the public. And so in June of 2008 Jim’s Gun Shop opened its door for the first time. What once was to be a weekend hobby became quite a business. In July of 2011 Jim retired from truck driving and made the shop his sole priority. Since then, he has made many new friends while still helping those who looked to him for guidance before the shop was even a thought. Many customers who come into the shop not having a vast knowledge of guns can be confident knowing that Jim and his family will do their best to answer any question(s) they may have.

You can always find Jim behind the counter and occasionally his kids Little Jim, Jamie and Jeremy who have become part of helping to keep Dad’s dream going are there with him.

Thank you for visiting our page, learning a little about our history and as always… ”Good Shootin”!